Garden Gallery


Browns Ferry Gardens Part Time Help

Gracie helps evaluate seedlings

Gracie is our office manager

Gabby answers emails

Gabby helps with shipping

Sadie is our plant inspector

Sadie brings water when we are working in the fields

Lucy is in charge of finances

Lucy heals the sick

The garden flirt


Getting Orders Ready to Ship

Orders put on the table ready to ship

Craig dumping them out of the pots

Gene triming

Charles tagging

Joyce washes

Letting plants dry before boxing

Each order goes in a seperate tote

Ready to go to the customer!



Planting and lining out seedlings

Seeds are stored in envelopes until we plant them in September

They get watered everyday until they sprout

Pinebark being delivered to fill pots and beds

Select seedling beds are dug every fall and we throw away the rejects:(

Keepers being replanted

Seedlings beds when they are finally finished in the fall



We Love Garden Visitors!!


Dave Hoffman, Carl Harmon, Gary Maly and Charlie Harper are helping Charles evaluate seedlings

Donna Reddick and Katie McCullen

Gary and Angie Maly come every year!!

Donna Reddick and Gene Tanner helping at Open House Doug Sterling helps take pictures

Duane Therrien and Ed Zahler come to check out the seedlings on a regular basis!

Marlon and Anne Howell are always here to help

Our beautiful garden sign

An aerial view of the garden