Highlights of the 2018 National Convention

Browns Ferry Gardens was one of the tour gardens for the
2018 National, June 6-9, 2018

Click on the image above to see drone footage taken by Jacob Braun when he visited the garden.

Our granddaughter Kelsey, painted this gorgeous fence. It was a big hit with the visitors!

Charles was thrilled to win the 2018
Carolina Seedling Award for 14-51.
The cross is Cynthia Dawn x Dave McGhee.

BREATHING IN SNOWFLAKES won both the President"s Cup and the Ned Roberts Spider/Unusual Form Awards!!

BREATHING IN SNOWFLAKES was featured on the cover of the Region 15 newsletter HemaLina

What a thrill to receive this Awesome Medal!!!!

The Ned Roberts Spider/Unusual Form is this beautiful silver plate presented by Betty Roberts.

on the cover of the Daylily Journal was a surreal moment!