Does your club purchase daylilies for plant sales, auctions or member programs?


Browns Ferry Gardens has a special offer just for Daylily Clubs. If you order at least $500 worth of daylilies you will receive more than double their value!!! The only requirement is they be paid for with a club check. Shipping costs will be determined at the time of shipment. We will work with you on your order to make it beneficial for you. Whether you need low priced plants for table sales, higher prices for auctions or just Browns Ferry garden introductions for member programs. We want you to have the plants you need. You can specify all the plants you want, doubling the value and then some. If you let us pick the plants for you, we will be very generous, just let us know what price range you need. You can pick your plants and as long as the quantity is available, we can double it or you can pick different plants to make up your order. We want the clubs to get what they need to make some money and provide their members with wonderful plants.

Browns Ferry Gardens Introductions are known to be very northern hardy and a great garden value, so consider them for your adopt a plant programs.


Do you need speakers for a meeting? Heidi and Charles have been speaking around the country to different clubs and love meeting all the people and making friends wherever they go. The presentation is done by both of them and they present not only their programs, but also Gene Tanners, who is doing some mighty nice diploids with some serious ruffles.


As long as the daylilies have a price, they are available for club purchase!


We are looking forward to hearing from you so we can help make your next club event a successful one!!!

Heidi and Charles Douglas

Browns Ferry Gardens,

13515 Browns Ferry Rd,

Georgetown, SC 29440