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$20 DFSold Out

Carolina All Star (PopPoll winner) in 2016
Winner of the AHS Award of Merit in 2014
Winner of the AHS Honorable Mention in 2011
Winner of the Jeffcoat Hyrbridizer Award in 2012

(DOUGLAS, 2009)

Tetraploid  5 ½”, DOR, ML-Re, 27”,  30+ buds, 5 way branching.
(JT Davis x Green Mystique)

My mother taught me my love of flowers and helped start Browns Ferry Gardens.  She left us in 2000 and ever since friends have asked when I was going to name a flower for her.  I always told them I haven’t bloomed one good enough.  She was so special, kind of heart and loved sharing her flowers with friends.  When this flower bloomed, I knew she would approve and it has consistently proven to be worthy of her name!!!  I consider this my landmark introduction.  Yellow cream flowers with a pink blush and ½ inch deeper yellow extremely ruffled edge bloom atop very thick scapes.    The scapes are 1 inch at the bottom and when they start to grow out of the very thick dark green foliage they start a bit crooked and then a long lateral branch appears from almost every bract.  THELMA DOUGLAS is one of the biggest plants in the garden.  She has been a wonderful parent, passing on the same plant habits.  Instant rebloom.  Fragrant.  Fertile both ways.  Due to the tremendous response from visitors in the garden, this flower is very limited.